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At the Fairfield Village Dental Centre, we've been providing quality dental care and professional services to families, kids and seniors for four generations; so whether you're deciding on a new dentist, or just dropping by our office to get more information, you can feel confident that you've made a good choice in Dr. Justin Yin.

Located in the bustling Fairfield area neighbourhood shopping centre – Fairfield Dental provides both general and advance dentistry services, including oral health, hygiene, cosmetic, surgical and restorative techniques.


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Your Fairfield Dental Health Care Team

Dr. Justin Yin / DMD (Practice Principal)
Dr. Justin Yin, BSc, DDS, Fairfield Dental, Team Member
Dr. Cody Lin / DMD (General Dentist)
Dr. Cody Lin, Fairfield Dental, Dentist
Stephanie / Certified Dental Assistant, Office Manager
Stephanie, Fairfield Dental, Team Member
Kelsey / Certified Dental Assistant
Serena, Fairfield Dental, Team Member
Brooke / Registered Dental Hygienist
Brooke, Fairfield Dental, Team Member


Each member of your dental health team plays an important role.


As the leader of your oral health team, your dentist brings years of specialized education to understanding your oral health. Only dentists can examine your teeth, gums and mouth, and recognize any problems that could affect your overall health.

They have the training and skills to:

  • examine and diagnose your oral condition;
  • recommend and carry out treatment;
  • look for signs of oral cancer—and often be the first to spot them;
  • help you understand oral health care and its importance, helping you to keep your teeth healthy and comfortable for your entire lifetime;
  • inform you about postoperative care options; and
  • perform emergency or required procedures—and help you determine a long-term treatment plan that meets your needs and circumstances.

Dental Hygienist

The dental hygienist is registered and trained to clean your teeth and to help you develop a home-care routine tailored to your needs.

Regulations vary from province to province, but a dental hygienist's work often includes:

  • taking x-rays;
  • taking dental impressions; and
  • cleaning, polishing and applying fluoride to your teeth.

In some jurisdictions, the dental hygienist may also be allowed to perform a basic exam.

Dental Assistant

This is the team member who prepares you for treatment, sterilizes instruments, assists your dentist and helps keep your mouth dry during procedures. In some jurisdictions, a dental assistant may also take x-rays and dental impressions, and polish and apply fluoride to your teeth.

Receptionists and Business Staff

Receptionists maintain the dental team's schedules and allow the office to run smoothly. The receptionist is usually your first point of contact and may often provide you with general information about your appointment and billing.